This Sunday January 13th, I will go to Wagga Wagga, NSW to teach tango at the annual Riverina Summerstrings camp.
Each afternoon a tango orchestra of 30 to 40  students from the Riverina region, Canberra and even far  parts of Australia such as Darwin,  learn elements of the art of tango on their instruments and how to play in a large ensemble. They also learn the origins of the techniques and the culture of tango.
The students play from original composers’ arrangements, in some cases simplified to help them enjoy the experience and prepare them for the gala concert at the end of the week
Delegates can study tango dance with teachers Serkan and Christian from Tengo Tango who conduct workshops daily
On January 17th, some of Australia’s leading musicians who are also tutors are the camp,  join me and my bandoneon on stage for an evening tango concert which attracts a full and lively house. Serkan and Christian dance highlights.
Riverina Summerstrings helps spread tango music through the rural community and gives students eager for new skills a valuable opportunity not available outside the city
Main photo: Students take part in the Resonate Tango Festival in Canberra with Maggie, Ignacio Varchausky and Santiago Polimeni