ALTO TANGO at Sydney Hilton Zeta Bar – 2 more Fridays only! – August 30th and September 6th




TWO MORE FRIDAYS  to catch Maggie Ferguson (bandoneon) and Sydney tango quartet Fuego Blanco play live tango music from their fabulous stage at Sydney Hilton Hotel’s Zeta Bar ALTO Tango         


From 6pm until 9pm on Fridays until September 6th they perform tango dance classics for dancers Jairo Sanchez Rivera and Amy Teuchert interspersed with a fabulous techno tango DJ.


The vibe is dark, broody, hip Buenos Aires and the cocktails and food are inspired by Argentina’s culinary classics.

Visit Zeta Bar to win a trip to Buenos Aires with a photo of  Alto Tango.

Please vote for Kate Agostino’s photofrom Zeta Bar to give her and Fuego Blanco the chance to win a trip to Buenos Aires to continue their tango music studies.

Maggie Ferguson

Maggie Ferguson